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Representing technology companies not only requires an understanding of the broad spectum of laws related to technology, but an understanding of the actual underlying technology.

In addition to representing a number of technology companies in varying stages (from start up to growth and exit), Marty Cochran has been actively involved as an investor and principal in a number of technology companies.  This background provides Mr. Cochran with a broad business and technical perspective to go with the necessary legal background to assist clients. 

With respect to its technology client's needs, The Law Office of E.M. Cochran, LLC can assist with start up legal needs of the client as well as general business and finance needs of the client, including the following matters.

--Software development agreements

--Software licensing agreements

--"Work for hire" agreements

--Website content and disclaimers

--Confidentiality and non-compete agreements  

--Joint venture and strategic alliance agreements

--Protecting trade secrets and other proprietary information*

--Negotiating and drafting contracts for international transactions


--Review, drafting, and negotiation of general business contracts

--Lease or purchase of business space

--Review, drafting, and negotiation of finance agreements for operations

*Intellectual Property is an important asset of any business, but especially a technology business.  It is very important for a client to assess and understand the intellectual property component of their business.  It is also just as important that the client engage com​petent and experienced legal representation to insure that trademark, copyright and patent applications are properly filed.  While The Law Office of E.M. Cochran, LLC can assist in identifying intellectual property and assist in protecting those assets, it utilizes The Reilly Intellectual Property Law Firm, P.C. for all intellectual property matters, such as filing of trademark, copyright and patent applications.  This is a very complex and specialized area of the law.  Do not attempt to file these applications by yourself or rely on legal counsel who insist that such applications are not complex.  Errors in these matters could not only cost you a large amount of money, but could limit the marketabilty of your product or require you to rebrand your product entirely.