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Property Acquisition

The Law Office of E.M. Cochran, LLC can help its clients in the acquisition of commercial and residential properties in Colorado, throughout the United States, and internationally.  Such representation may include:

--Negotiation for and acquisition of commercial real estate

--Negotiation for and acquisition of residential real estate

--Title review and cure of title defects in both commercial and residential transactions

--Drafting and review of real estate sales contracts

--Drafting and review of finance documents

--Arranging for full title insurance and closing services

--Representation at Closings

--Creating and negotiating finance arrangements, including:

-owner financing arrangements

-lease/purchase options

Property Management and Development

The Law Office of E.M. Cochran, LLC represents its clients in the fields of property management and development. The firm can help clients with the development of residential, commercial, or vacation projects and the establishment of management of such properties.  Such representation may include:

            --Counsel for property management companies

            --Subdivision development

            --Drafting and review of leases

            --Formation and representation of common interest communities

            --Zoning and land use​