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The Law Office of E.M. Cochran, LLC can assist both lender and borrower clients with a number of finance transactions in addition to acting as outside general counsel to such clients.  Marty Cochran has had significant experience representing lenders in sophisticated real estate and asset based finance transactions, including syndicated loan transactions in amounts up to nearly $1 billion.  Mr. Cochran has also represented borrowers in negotiation of loan documents from complicated real estate development deals involving construction finance to small start up companies obtaining SBA loans. 

Representation of clients in finance can include: 

--Representation of lenders in drafting loan documents and ensuring security interests are properly granted and perfected

--Representation of lenders in real estate transactions (including seller finance transactions)

--Representation of lenders in asset based loan transactions (including equipment finance)

--Representation of lenders as outside general counsel

--Developing form loan documents for lenders

--Representing borrowers in review and negotiation of loan documents

--Representing start up companies with respect to first round financing and subsequent rounds of financing   

--Documenting shareholder and member loans for entities​