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​The Law Office of E.M. Cochran, LLC prides itself in providing its business clients with competent business representation at an affordable price.  In addition to assisting businesses in the start up phase, the firm can assist in most other areas of general business, including acting as corporate counsel and assisting in business reorganization and international business. 

Corporate Counsel 

Most businesses cannot afford to hire inhouse general counsel to address its legal needs full time.  Even large companies that have inhouse counsel sometimes needs additional help in specialized areas that its internal legal team does not have the time or expertise to handle. In that regard, The Law Office of E.M. Cochran, LLC can act as outside general corporate counsel for these business clients.  Such representation may include: 

--Handling disputes with customers or vendors

--Collection of receivables

--Review, drafting, and negotiation of business contracts

--Advisement of director's and officer's liability

--Advisement of shareholders' rights

--Assistance with director and shareholder meetings

--Disputes with members or shareholders

--Joint venture and strategic alliance agreements;

--Protecting trade secrets and other proprietary information*

--Asset purchase agreements

Business Reorga​nization

As businesses grow their needs soon change and often such changes involve business reorganization.  The Law Office of E.M. Cochran, LLC recognizes the necessity for such change and can help businesses make the necessary transitions as seamless as possible. Such transitions may involve:

--Mergers and acquisitions





--Entity conversion

International Business

With an increase in affordable technology, the global marketplace is becoming increasingly smaller.  The Law Office of E.M. Cochran, LLC can help its clients compete in the world economy by providing its business clients with affordable legal representation in international business affairs.  Such representation may include:

--Counseling U.S. businesses in establishing a presence in a foreign marketplace

--Counseling foreign businesses in establishing a presence in the U.S. marketplace

--Acting as general counsel for the U.S. operations of foreign businesses

--Negotiating and drafting contracts for international transactions

--Working with tax counsel in review and implications of international tax implications of business transactions and business structures

--Counseling international businesses in acquiring real estate in domestically and abroad


*Intellectual Property is an important asset of any business.  It is very important for a client to assess and understand the intellectual property component of their business.  It is also just as important that the client engage competent and experienced legal representation to insure that trademark, copyright and patent applications are properly filed.  While The Law Office of E.M. Cochran, LLC can assist in identifying intellectual property and assist in protecting those assets, it utilizes The Reilly Intellectual Property Law Firm, P.C. for all intellectual property matters, such as filing of trademark, copyright and patent applications.  This is a very complex and specialized area of the law.  Do not attempt to file these applications by yourself or rely on legal counsel who insist that such applications are not complex.  Errors in these matters could not only cost you a large amount of money, but could limit the marketabilty of your product or require you to rebrand your product entirely.​